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The world's first open air augmented reality planetarium! Narrated by talented astronomers, each night’s presentation is tailored to the ever changing beauty of the sky above.

IMPORTANT: The only English show will be on Sunday, September 1st!:

8:00pm Arrival (please do not arrive early)

8:15pm Check-in and headset distribution

9:00pm Beginning of the show

10:00pm  End of the show

(times will change every two weeks)

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Lift your eyes towards the sky and let the canopy of stars inspire your journey!

Recently certified as a Canadian Dark Sky Preserve, the enchanting Au Diable Vert site allows you to discover the canopy of stars. Located in Glen Sutton, come discover a novel and intriguing world through this innovative activity, that combines the technology of several cutting-edge companies from around the globe.

Cradled in heated stadium seats, and perched at over 1,000 feet of altitude, this open air spectacle takes place in a multilevel mountain side amphitheater in Quebec’s newest Dark Sky Preserve at Au Diable Vert in Sutton, Quebec.

Every guest will get to use a newly developed augmented reality headset created by Aryzon in the Netherlands, which will allow them to see the actual night sky, with a digital overlay of the constellations and the names of stars and planets.

Combine your tour through the sky with a stay in one of Au Diable Vert mountain view suites, rustic cabins or tree houses and enjoy some of the other activities like kayaking or VeloVolant.

CHILDREN AND DOGS: Please note that the activity is available for ages 6 years and up, but that due to the late hours it is only recommended for ages 10 years and up. Children younger than 6 years and dogs are NOT permitted into the planetarium.

WHAT HAPPENS IF IT’S CLOUDY: The show still takes place if sky’s are not clear.The headset still allows to you see the constellations and the brightest objects in the sky.

WHAT HAPPENS IF THERE’S HEAVY RAIN: If heavy rain is forecast a decision will be made to cancel the show 2 hours or more before the show. We will send a cancellation text to the cell phone or e-mail address you used to reserve. No phone calls will be made.  You will be able to rebook your reservation, receive a voucher for one year or a reimbursement minus a 10% transaction fee.

TECHNICAL DETAILS (applies only if you buy the headset): I understand the required software needed to download the app on my own device are: ARKit / ARCore

Android older than OS 7.0 and newer than OS 11 / Apple older than iOS 11 will NOT be compatible

Ensure you can download the free "Star Chart AR” on the App Stores before reserving tickets for the ObservEtoiles show (note that you will not be able to see the ObservEtoiles app until you receive your unlock code at the show, but if you are able to download Star Chart AR app, this means your phone is compatible).


I understand that the ObservEtoiles headsets will the fit MOST eye glasses but not those with very large frames (if you have contact lens, wear those instead).


ALL reservations are paid in full at the time of the booking by Visa or MasterCard.

0-7 days prior to your activity is zero refund and no changes are permitted to the reservation (the total amount of the reservation becomes non-refundable),

8- 14 days prior to your activity a 50% refund or a 50% credit is applied to a modification of your reservation,

15 days or more prior to your activity a 75% refund or a 75% credit is applied to a modification of your reservation.

There are no refunds or credits issued for early checkouts or late arrivals (once the show has started you can no longer be admitted to the planetarium). 

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