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Welcome dogs! Dogs accepted in accommodations offered by Au Diable Vert - 4-season mountain and outdoor resort in Glen Sutton

Animal tracking

The large number of animals that call the Sutton Mountains and Au Diable Vert home really becomes visible in the winter. The tracks of least 20 different animals and birds can be seen at various times. From coyotes, deer, and moose to fox, lynx, marten, and ermine, it’s an animal tracker’s dream and every child’s delight to imagine the animals that came in the days, or even hours, before them.

Details and Pricing

Access to our private 22km trail system.

Day access : $7.50 per adult

Children (14 years old or under) : Free
Dogs are welcome free of charge!

Discover the night trail

Nature in the dark
Experience the one and only nocturnal path at Au Diable Vert. Locate the reflective cut-out panels of the natural inhabitants of this forest using a flashlight. Look carefully, as they will be hidden to the left or right, near you or a little further away. As you discover the various local birds and mammals use the information sheet to check them off and read all about our unique mountain fauna.

This trail is perfect for nature lovers young, and old, who want to learn more about the many animal inhabitants that call this area home.

Remember to ask for the animal information sheet at the reception!

  • Distance: 1.2 km
  • Duration: 30 min and more

Reflective panels

Birds and mammals are printed on reflective panels. You can spot them in the dark with the help of a headlamp or flashlight.

Animal files

Do you have your file? As you spot the birds and mammals concealed in the trail, you can check the box associated with it. Discover the inhabitants of the fauna while having fun in nature, by reading the description sheet!

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