Frequently asked questions

Elevate your vacation and join us at over 1,000 feet in beautiful alpine pastures

Au Diable Vert provides excellent views of the Green Mountains and the Missisquoi River Valley from our cabins and campsites. Thanks to our location away from it all, you can unplug, relax, and find peace from your day-to-day routine. Bring along your family, friends, and even your dogs, and take advantage of our generous Eastern Township accommodations while taking in the splendor of the great outdoors.

Many clients come to Au Diable Vert to enjoy our network of trails and our spectacular views with a day pass of $7.50 per adult and free for children 14 years old and under.

Enjoyed it too much and want to come back? Enjoy the trails all year-long at an affordable cost with our yearly access pass to the trails. Contact us for more information.

An important part of the Au Diable Vert experience, each campsite and cabin has their own fire pit, even our Mountain-View Suites. You are welcome to purchase wood to have an outside fire at anytime of the year. Don’t forget your own pots if you plan to cook outside, as it is strictly forbidden to use the pots and pans provided on a wood fire. If you would like to bring your own eco logs, leftovers from construction lumber cuts or kiln-dried wood in bags that say so and are sealed, you can do so. However, we cannot accept natural firewood from another region, as this would make our site vulnerable to pests.

Cabin wood

All cabins and prospector tents are equipped with wood-burning stoves for heating and cooking. The use of these stoves is usually only practical during the colder months of the year. We deliver the cabin wood right to your door and you will only be charged for the wood you use. We do not include the wood, as preferences between people and seasons vary greatly and the environment profits greatly from spending the extra thought on how much wood one should burn. If you would like to bring your own eco-logs, you are welcome to do so. However, we cannot accept firewood brought in from any other region, as this would make our site vulnerable to parasites.

Wood collection

Collection of wood from the forest is strictly prohibited. Even dead or fallen wood and branches must be left in the forest to decompose and provide habitats for many a niche ecosystem.

Kubota Service

A popular service that takes all your gear (and sometimes you) directly to your campsite or cabin. For $15 each way, you will save a lot of sweating and effort by leaving the luggage carts in the parking lot. This option is strongly recommended for anyone unable to exert themselves due to health issues, injury, pregnancy, etc. Ask how far your site or cabin is if you are unsure. In winter, the service is for luggage only by SkiDoo.

Carts or Sleds

This is the people-powered option to get your equipment to the cabin or campsite using large plastic sleds in winter and large steel carts with mountain bike tires in the other seasons. If you are in good shape, or want the maximum adventure, then this option is for you. There is no charge to borrow our carts or sleds, as long as they are promptly returned before you put up your tent. If your tent is up and the cart is still on site, you will be charged a $10 fee.

Food has to be kept in boxes or coolers. We do not have a problem with raccoons or bears, so hanging your food is unnecessary. Please do not burn food in your campfire, but rather bag unwanted items and put them in the garbage cans near the entrance.

In the cabins it is important to keep your food sealed from little visitors. Especially in the fall and winter months mice are attracted to the cozy insides of the cabins.

You are welcome to be more than two, but you have to realize that even adding a third person around a campfire doubles your noise level. Although you may feel like you are the only ones on the site, your neighbours are most likely close enough to be disturbed. So please be respectful and keep the noise down. We will take a noise deposit from groups over eight people (this is whether you have booked together or individually).

There is a lineup of garbage (green) and recycle (blue) bins near the parking lots. Please put your items in the appropriate bins. All garbage must be in closed bags. Unfortunately, we do not compost food items, as this attracts unwanted attention from wild animals. Also, we cannot recycle camping stove propane tanks; please return them to the shops or a recycle center near you that accepts them.

The new shower and bathroom building is one of the most significant investments for Au Diable Vert since opening 15 years ago —  completely green and LEED certified. Featuring six showers and seven toilets, this completely efficient and very welcoming building offers you the chance to have a hot shower during any season.

Beautifully hand-painted with life-sized Quebec birds and animals, walking into this beautiful building really adds a new, enjoyable dimension to the Au Diable Vert experience. Shoes and boots are not permitted inside the building, so bring slippers, flip-flops, or Crocs along with your towels and shower supplies.

The Shower Building is located just one minute from the reception and between two and 15 minutes from most cabins and campsites.

There are several types of electric fence in use around Au Diable Vert, installed to keep the cows in their pastures. These are marked with big, yellow signs. While not dangerous, they are painful if touched by child, adult, or dog. The more you weigh, the more it hurts, which is why it keeps in the cows, (even though our calves sometimes escape for an afternoon stroll). Note the gray metal wire, white plastic rope, and white plastic ribbon are also electrified.

Unfortunately all bicycles, of all types, are completely forbidden on the entire Au Diable Vert site. The trails, campsites, cabin sites and pasture are only accessible on foot. Bikes have to stay on your bike rack during your stay.

No fireworks, guns, pellet guns, bow and arrows, sling shots, or any other kind of weaponry are allowed at Au Diable Vert. Such dangers to other guests and our cows will not be tolerated.